Inspiring Mum - Janelle Brunton-Rennie


Janelle’s warmth, charisma, wisdom, and strong passion and purpose has made her an inspiration to our team for a number of years.

She owns and runs an ethical PR agency, Mediajam, and only works with companies whose products and values she believes in - no compromise. Janelle also acts an advocate and support for other women in business..

Janelle lost her husband to cancer earlier this year, and is powerfully and vulnerably sharing her grieving process through her Instagram page, allowing others the space to vulnerably share and process their own grief. At a time when social media has become a 'highlights reel' she is showing the world that feelings, emotions and hard times are ok.

It is Janelle's strength and vulnerability, while running her business, juggling a huge life transition and being a loving mother to her gorgeous girl, Sage, that makes Janelle a truly inspirational mother.


What does motherhood mean to you?

Before I became a mum, I had no idea how vulnerable becoming a mum would make me feel. I’d heard the saying that ‘when you become a parent, you wear your heart on the outside of your chest for the rest of your life’ and now I truly understand that. I’ve never felt so exposed, and so vulnerable.

It’s such an honour to be taking care of and helping my daughter Sage learn and grow the best that I can. Sometimes the enormity of the responsibility can feel quite overwhelming.


What’s one healthy habit you’ve tried to pass onto your child?

Sage is almost 20 months old, and I’m so, so proud of her dietary choices. She’s not interested in sugar and treats, she chooses cherry tomatoes, fruit, broccoli, beans and carrots as her staple foods.

Each week her vegetable choices change and I offer her lots of options, and she chooses whatever she feels like, or perhaps she’s listening to her body’s needs on that day – I’m not sure, but one day she might eat a punnet of cherry tomatoes for morning tea, and the next she chooses three mandarins and some carrot sticks. She’s quite fond of brussel sprouts even. It makes me immensely proud, and she’ll try everything, she’s quite adventurous in her food choices.


What are you most grateful to your mother (or a mother figure in your life) for?

I had no idea of the sacrifice that my mother made for me, until I become a mother myself. The lack of sleep, the loss of flexibility, being a mum is the most challenging role I’ve ever had. I honestly don’t think I truly appreciated my mum and everything she’s done for me and continues to do for me until I became a mother myself.


How has your health journey impacted your journey as a mother?


On my way back to great health I had to learn how to nourish my body from a nutritional focus, rather than an aesthetic focus. I learnt how to prepare and appreciate whole foods. I learnt how to provide my body with what it needs from a plant-based diet. I learnt how to love my body for what it does for me, rather than what it looks like – and when I made that mindset shift, my nutritional choices changed immensely. I’m very careful now with what I put both into and onto my body.


What tips or advice can you pass on around staying healthy while being a busy mum?

I prepare and steam a couple of days worth of cut vegetables at a time. I have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge at all times and do a couple of smaller shops a week to keep them fresh rather than one large one. I try and mix up Sages meal choices so she doesn’t get tired of the same old thing too.

I have a rule, if I wouldn’t share it with Sage then I won’t eat it around her, because anything that I eat she also wants to try.

I make a point of having dinner with her at 5pm myself most nights of the week, so that we can sit with each other and share our meal – it doesn’t always go well but the intention is a good one.




Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.