How to Handle a Hangover, Naturally

Summer is here and it’s bringing group hangs with it! It’s understandable, therefore, that we might want to celebrate with our pals and some Pal’s since we haven’t seen much of either in the last few months. But, if there’s one thing that’s sure to put a damper on things, it’s imbibing without planning which can lead to a less-than-ideal day-after-the-night-before.


When we drink alcohol, our digestive system breaks it down (like everything we eat and drink) and in that process, a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde is produced and to make sure we’re feeling our best while that’s happening, we want to give it a helping hand. 


In addition to all the classics like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and remembering that nothing good happens after 1am, we can turn to our body-loving nutrients to pick us - and perk us - back up. 


Here are five helping and healing ingredients that can make it easier for our body to handle the booze and put a bit of pep back in our step:




This flowering plant has been widely studied for its liver-protecting benefits and is used for support of the liver when processing things like alcohol! 


Good old rhodiola is a bit of a drinking all-rounder as it also helps regulate cortisol, one of our main stress hormones. 


Since alcohol it’s technically a toxin, it can act as a physical stressor on the body, and makes our digestive systems have to work a little harder to process it. In addition, it has been studied for its ability to support fatigue, exhaustion, concentration, and short-term memory - if, like us, you associate any of those with a night on the G&Ts, then you’re going to want to get your hands on this magical herb. 


You can find a high dose of Rhodiola Rosea in Eve favourite Morning Person. In addition to its hangover-helping properties, this adaptogenic herb works both long- and short-term to help your body better adapt to stress. Think of it as a massage for your nervous system.




There are various types of ginseng out there, and Panax Ginseng is a very special breed indeed. The good news for the marg fans among us, is that this ancient adaptogenic herb has been shown to speed up how quickly your body processes alcohol, and studies show it may even work to reduce hangover symptoms. 


Panax Ginseng is widely celebrated for its ability to provide a fast and natural caffeine-free energy boost, which also makes it the perfect companion after a late night to help sweep away some cobwebs, and get you up and ready for some summer adventuring the next day. 


Conveniently, you can find Panax Ginseng in our energy boosting supplement Morning Person, alongside the aforementioned Rhodiola Rosea. 




Long-famed for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits, turmeric is a day-after best friend. 


The very signs of a hangover that make us so...blah, like headaches and aches and pains, are caused by inflammation so when you address that, things start to get a whole lot better. 


We also know that turmeric has a direct effect on liver cells encouraging their regeneration and repair and the liver needs all the help it can get when it comes to drinking!




Ginger is a classic nausea remedy and is loaded with antioxidants. 


Not only is it a tummy-settler but it also aids digestion so our body has a little extra fuel to cleanse and detox and get us back to our sprightly selves. 


Try a lemon, honey, ginger tea (with fresh ingredients if possible), or you can take it in supplement form, chew on some pickled ginger, or juice it into a smoothie!



Alcohol may be a good time pal, but it’s less of a friend to your gut. 


In fact, alcohol has been shown to increase gut inflammation (hello bloating), cause oxidative stress and can increase numbers of ‘bad’ bacteria that can be real troublemakers for your digestion and gut health. 


Probiotics are a must for each and every one of us, but if you’re a good time drinker, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing your bit to look after your tum. 


When you load up your microbiome with good bacteria it:

  • keeps the not-so-good guys under control - like your own little team of 5 billion. 
  • makes food (and drink) easier to digest which is key not only day of, but also the next day when we’re more dehydrated and not feeling our regular selves... if you catch our drift. 


The probiotic strains in Queen V were specifically chosen for their incredible performance in studies around supporting a healthy gut. And your vaginal microbiome will also love them - a fab bonus as you’re more likely to get thrush when you’ve been on the vinos.


So, you’ve had a blast but what’s next? 


  • If you’ve gone too large on the chilli margs, try an anti-inflammatory shot: blending the juice from a lemon, an orange, some chopped ginger root, a tsp of fresh turmeric root and some black pepper. Thank us later.

  • Try Better Together: Summer Edition - a limited edition pack featuring Queen V and Morning Person, our two ultimate summer superheroes, along with a FREE summer hat valued at $39.

  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated! It’s 10 x easier to prevent dehydration than to come back from it so keep your margs close and your reusable water bottle closer.


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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.