How Eve Helped Me Heal My Hormones - Amy’s Story

To celebrate the launch of our new offering, The Eve Test™, we chatted to a customer who’s done not just one, but three hormone tests with us in the past year or so.


Amy’s story is super inspiring, she has been on quite the health journey and has really taken her health into her own hands to support her body and balance her hormones. Her story gave us a good dose of warm fuzzies and we are excited to share it with you.



1. What made you want to test your hormones in the first instance?

I was on and off the pill through my late teens and early twenties to help with breakouts. 

I stopped taking it after I got married and experienced the same hormonal acne but I was determined to make it out the other side.


The breakouts on my chin persisted after the birth of my daughter, they were painful cysts under the skin which I felt were totally hormonal. I also experienced heavy bleeding, low energy and low moods.


It got so bad back in the day I was afraid to leave the house because I was scared I would leak in my clothing. It got to the point where I realised it was affecting my life, affecting how I could be with my daughter - some days I had to just lie on the couch and couldn’t play with her because of how uncomfortable I was.


I felt that the doctors didn't listen to me, they did blood tests which all came back 'normal' but their margins looking at blood tests are so huge and only trigger anything if you're in a diseased state with something seriously wrong.


I could tell and feel I wasn't 100% and knew that wasn't how I should be. When I saw that I could test myself I thought “That's what I'm doing! So I can find out for myself, because no one knows you like you know yourself!”



Amy’s Test Results

As expected, Amy’s test results showed an imbalanced hormone picture. While we have removed the exact numbers of her results, Amy’s report shows that her body was producing too much Estradiol (our most potent form of Oestrogen), and too little Progesterone, our lovely calming and soothing hormone that balances the effects of Oestrogen.


Her report also showed high levels of DHEA, indicative of stress, and raised androgens, including Etiocholanolone and 5b-Androstanediol, which is often linked to inflammation.

Amy Results Image

2. What changes did you make after receiving your test report?

I was already eating really well, eating most of our vegetables from our own garden. What I took from the report was the importance of the nutrients. I was already on BePure One and Three but started taking BePure Zinc Restore and Magnesium Restore daily and ongoing as well.


I thought that I could take the zinc for a little while and then my diet would top it up, but I've learnt about how daily stressors and lifestyle can be constantly depleting our nutrients stores so it's important to stay on top of these.


I also started on supplements that were recommended for my own hormone picture - initially ProgestoMend and then ProgestoRenew once it came out.


I took on board the dietary recommendations and really enjoyed the recipes that were provided. I really liked the quizzes and found the macronutrient profile really helpful.

3. What has changed for you since implementing these changes? How do you feel now?

I was already tracking my cycle (including my temperature and cervical fluid) since coming off hormonal contraception around 6 years ago, and I finally noticed the changes that indicated I was ovulating.


I’ve also been feeling a lot better, in regards to my heavy bleeding, headaches and premenstrual pain.


I no longer have painful heavy periods with a 3 day pre-period headache and I feel so empowered to let other girls and women know that your period is meant to be like that.

4. What made you want to retest your hormones?

I knew by how I felt that my hormones were acting how they were supposed to, but I just wanted to confirm it, to see it on paper, to have something to prove it.


And it certainly did, here is a snapshot of Amy’s test results 6 months later. The difference is quite incredible!


5. Overall, how did you find seeing the numbers and graphs, and then seeing them change with retesting?

I am a very visual learner and have an accounting background so loved seeing the graphs and numbers. The graphs are a really nice way to view like a summary of the results and then if you want to go deeper, there's more to read into. 


I also wanted to compare my test results, and see how the numbers had changed.


Seeing the positive changes in my numbers just reconfirmed for me what I felt: I had enabled my body to heal itself.

Stories like this one are the reason we exist as a company: helping women understand and support their unique bodies. 


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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.