Eve Hormone Test Review of the Month: Rachael's Review

October's Eve Hormone Test Review of the Month was penned by Rachael.


Here's what she shared with us about her Eve hormone testing experience:




"The Eve Test process was simple to do and the instructions were clear.


The wait for the personalised results is worth it, and patience is key!


I knew something was pear shaped in regards to my body and the test results confirmed this.


Low progesterone levels were the culprit and I made a quick purchase of all the BePure supplements required to get my life back on track.


You can’t put a price on quality of life! What are you waiting for?"


Rachael's experience with lower progesterone levels is not uncommon. In our first year of testing we found that 54% of women showed low progesterone. Supporting ovulation is a vital part of managing optimal progesterone levels, and the good news is that there are plenty of foods, nutrients and lifestyle tips that can support your ovulation. 


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