Eve Hormone Test Review of The Month: Kim's Review

August's Eve Hormone Test Review of the Month was left by the lovely Kim. Here's what Kim had to say about her testing experience:



"The Eve Hormone Balance Test was easy to use and instructions super easy to follow. I loved that I could take the test when it suited me, without having to leave the house.


After waiting a few weeks, I was blown away by the comprehensive report that I received.


The report broke down all of my results and was super easy to understand. I loved the summary at the beginning of the report and the personalised recommendations tailored to me.


It is so reassuring to know that the symptoms I have been experiencing are not just in my head, but actually caused by a hormone imbalance.


I have started to implement some of the changes and am starting to feel more balanced and calm.


Definitely well worth the money in my opinion as it is helping me on my journey to better health.


Massive thanks to the Eve team for making this test possible :)"



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