Eve Helped Me Conceive Naturally: Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn recently got in touch with us to share her incredible success following her Eve Test recommendations, which saw her conceive her second child naturally with stage 4 endometriosis after an unsuccessful round of IVF.


We are beyond happy for Carolyn and her new addition to the family and asked her kindly if we could share her story.


1. What made you want to test your hormones in the first instance?

I have endometriosis and to conceive our first son had gone through IVF. 


When we were ready to add another member to our family we again went down the IVF route, though this time we were sadly unsuccessful. 


I then had a friend tell me about Ben Warren and The Eve Test. I started to look into the BePure products and attended a couple of the information evenings Ben held about endometriosis and women's hormones. 


From here I learnt more about The Eve Test and thought I would give it a go. Even if it didn't help me on my fertility journey, I was sure it would help improve my overall health and well-being. 


2. How did you feel when you received your test results?

I felt a sense of relief that how I was feeling health-wise wasn't normal and there were ways to improve this. 



What changes did you make after receiving your test report?

Once I received my report I made a lot of lifestyle changes from the food I was eating through to the type of exercise I was doing.


I realised the type of exercise I was doing was putting my body under even more stress. I also started to take all of the recommended be pure supplements.

4. what has changed for you since making these changes?

I found that my pain was starting to improve each month, my stress levels were decreasing and my energy levels were starting to improve.


The biggest improvement was 4 months after doing the test, getting my results and putting the lifestyle changes in place as per the recommendations, we managed to conceive our second son naturally.


We welcomed him in August 2020. I can't recommend The Eve Test highly enough. 

Heart-warming stories like this one are the reason we exist as a company: helping women understand and support their unique bodies. 


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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.