Aleshia’s Hormone Journey

This week we were lucky enough to hear from the lovely Aleshia, who is both a student and triathlete and recently completed the 70.3 half ironman—no small feat that's for sure!


Aleshia has done The Eve Test Complete not just once, but twice after coming off hormonal contraception and learning to train in sync with her cycle.


Aleshia kindly offered for us to share not just her journey, but the results from both her tests too. Here is what she told us about her journey.



As I learnt more about hormones and the importance of a normal cycle, I decided I wanted to come off the pill, I wasn’t on it for any particular reason, I’d just been on it since I was 15 for ‘skin’ issues.


Now aged 23, I wanted my body to work as it should and that includes having an actual period. 


It was a bumpy road at first and I was experiencing painful and irregular periods. I decided to try The Eve Test to get more information about my body so I could help support it back to a healthy cycle.


My test results showed I was outside of the ‘normal’ range for a lot of hormonal markers and as a young female, this was pretty concerning.


FEB 2020

Overview of primary sex hormones as of February 2020: Estradiol (the strongest form of oestrogen), progesterone and testosterone.


Following my recommendations, I made the following tweaks:

  • I chose one recommended supplement to purchase and focused mostly on diet and lifestyle changes.
  • I actively tried to consume more gut loving foods (I made my own bone broth because it’s so cheap to do so).
  • I ensured I was consuming more iodine, zinc and selenium as recommended.
  • As far as the remainder of the food side goes, I incorporated my ideal ‘mixed plate’ into daily life.
  • The main lifestyle change I made was prioritising sleep, and not just hours but the quality of sleep by reading before bed, not doing exercise a few hours before bed time, stretching etc.


Over time I noticed changes in my body, my cycle became more regular, I can tell when I am ovulating, and I have a (mostly) pain free period, far better than the withdrawal bleed I was having on the pill in fact.


I also learnt how to use my period to its advantage and in regards to the sport and exercise I do, this knowledge has been invaluable.


I was still a 23 year old student and enjoyed drinks and lots of food on the weekends with friends and family. I was by no means perfect in any of the recommendations but it just goes to show that you can still have improvements by incorporating the core stuff to the majority of your life. 


In December last year I completed the 70.3 half Ironman. I re-tested my hormones a month later and was so pleased with the results.


My key hormone markers are now sitting nicely inside the optimal range, with just a few androgen markers in need of some tweaking.



Overview of primary sex hormones as of January 2021: Estradiol (the strongest form of oestrogen), progesterone and testosterone.


image001 2

Aleshia at the finish line of the 70.3 Half Iron man in December last year.




Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns, it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.