5 Fast Tips For Hormonal Fatigue

In our last blog we broke down hormonal fatigue; what it is, and where it comes from.

Now, we’re getting down to business. Here are 5 fast tips to support your hormonal fatigue naturally.


1. No More HIIT

Sure, moving can get our blood flowing and make us feel more energetic. But movement that puts the body under stress such as HIIT, CrossFit or functional workouts can do the opposite, and not just in the short term. Long term these types of exercise have been linked with HPA axis dysfunction, which essentially means they lead to burnout. If you’re already feeling fatigued (an indication your body is struggling with something) you don’t want to be adding more fuel to the fire, so to speak.


2. Magnesium Magic

There’s nothing worse than feeling exhausted during the day, yet feeling wired at night, unable to sleep. Fear not, magnesium is here to help. The Eve team’s favourite supplement, magnesium, is involved with over 300 chemical processes within the body; including sleep, relaxing your muscles, and supporting ovarian function.


It also supports the brain’s ability to stimulate and respond to the release of stress hormones, turning down the dial on our ‘fight or flight’ response. I.e. more ‘rest and restore’ mode, and less ‘run away’ mode.


3. Stay Away From the [Blue] Light

If you’re feeling fatigued, you’ll want to take every possible measure to ensure you get a great night of sleep. Sleep has been described as the closest thing to a panacea humans have access to, so optimising your sleep hygiene is an essential.


Blue light; as comes from out phones TVs, laptops, tablets, and many types of lighting; can mess with our circadian rhythm, tricking our bodies into thinking it’s daytime when it’s actually time for bed. By limiting your exposure to blue light 1-2 hours before bed, you’re giving yourself the best chance of a nicely dancing circadian rhythm. Do this by getting a salt lamp, using candle light, reading a book instead of scrolling through social media. If you want to go to the next level, you can get yourself some blue light blocking glasses (there are more stylish versions available)!


But at the very least, activate ‘night shift’ on your phone which will change the colour temperature of the display from blue to orange. For you Instagrammers out there, think of it as a permanent Mayfair filter.


4. Bye Bye Flat White

No, this isn't just a list of buzzkills. We’re really trying to help you! If you’re experiencing fatigue, the coffee really must go. As our friend Ben Warren from BePure often says, coffee ‘steals’ energy from future you. It drums up energy from your cells, giving you a crash once the effect has worn off. This energy isn’t a nice, stable energy. It peaks and falls, which is not ideal for several reasons. Firstly, this peak and fall can cause a similar picture for your blood sugar levels, and balanced blood sugars are the key to sustainable energy and balanced hormones.


Secondly, if coffee is masking your fatigue, you might be better off finding the root cause of your low energy and supporting that. In case you were wondering, an Eve test can help to figure out what’s going on for you here.


5. Limit The Toxic Load

Traditional people lived in relatively pristine environments. Let’s face it, “organic food” didn’t exist because that’s all there was. “Natural products” didn’t exist because we didn’t use any of these cosmetics we now have.


Toxins from pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, make up, fake tan etc. all put additional strain on our systems. If you’re feeling fatigued, you’ll want to be easing stressors off your body. Toxins are a big physical stressor, and while you might not feel ‘stressed’ that doesn’t mean your body isn’t struggling on the inside to deal with these chemicals.


Switch to natural skincare and cosmetics, buy organic produce where possible and avoid plastics. This blog may help.


Looking for more information? Head over to our FAQs page where you can find out about Eve, what the Eve Hormone Balance Test measures, when the best time to test your hormones is, and more.


Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.