2023 Astro Forecast by Hannah Crerar

2023 is here. A new year always brings with it a mix of emotions. You may be feeling reflective, excited, hopeful, and uncertain all at once. 


The past two years shook the world in dramatic ways so it’s understandable if you are feeling a little dubious about what 2023 has in store. Of course, every year comes with its own unique challenges, but you can look forward to a year of major REINVENTION because 2023 presents an abundance of opportunities.


With multiple outer planets shifting signs this year, it means many new chapters are opening. If there is a certain area of life you are hyper focussed on right now, be prepared that it may not feel so important in a few months' time. That’s not to say that what you are focusing on right now is unimportant, you may simply outgrow your current situation faster than you can imagine. 


2023 is about coming into contact with what brings you joy. Right from the outset, you will be called to reevaluate your lifestyle and reprioritise what brings you true fulfilment.


Here are some key transits to pay attention to:


Saturn moves into Pisces

This 3-year transit begins in March and indicates that the collective will be learning some major spiritual lessons. With every challenge that shows up in our life, we need to question how it is teaching something about our gifts, talents, and purpose.


Pluto moves into Aquarius

Pluto is a planet of power and transformation. With Pluto shifting into the sign of Aquarius in March, we will start to see transformations happening with human-rights-related issues, as well as big technological advancements.


Jupiter moves into Taurus

In May, Jupiter shifts from the fiery sign of Aries into the earthy sign of Taurus. Our attention shifts from initiating and starting things, to really grounding down and building something worthwhile. Jupiter brings expansion, abundance, and optimism and we will be presented with new opportunities as it relates to our finances, connections with land, and creative talents. 


Nodal axis shifts from Taurus - Scorpio to Aries - Libra

The nodes of the moon shift into Aries and Libra in July. For the next 18 months, we will be learning to advocate for ourselves, to be sovereign within our relationships, and to be brave enough to believe in what we have to offer the world.


Venus retrograde in Leo

Venus is the planet of beauty, charm, values, and magnetism. It also represents love and money. In July Venus retraces it steps through the showy sign of Leo, and we may need to re-evaluate how we express our love,  how we seek attention, and what we really value in relationships. Don’t be surprised if past lovers show up during this 6 week transit.


Mercury Retrograde in Earth Signs

Mercury retrograde happens 4 times this year. It’s happening as we welcome in the new year. Anytime this transit takes place, we can expect delays, mix-ups, and unexplained glitches in communication, travel, technology, and thoughts patterns. It is always a good idea to implement patience and humour during these periods.


Here are some journaling prompts to guide you from 2022 into 2023:

  1. What miracles happened for me in 2022?
  2. What were the 3 big lessons in 2022?
  3. What am I most grateful for in 2022?
  4. As a result of my experiences in 2022, have my values shifted? 
  5. What are my current values as it relates to career, relationships, home, health and spirituality?
  6. If I close my eyes and envisage 2023, what is a word or an overarching theme that I sense for myself?
  7. What are my visions and goals for the next 6 months?
  8. Are these visions/ goals based on heartfelt desires or an egoic need for validation?
  9. What vision/goal will I prioritise right now?
  10. What are 3 tools I can use to reset and calm my nervous system (to help navigate all the changes ahead)?
  11. What is a mantra I can carry into the new year?


Here is to a beautiful and bountiful 2023!



Hannah xxx


Hannah Crerar is a Human Design + Astrology Reader, Yoga Meditation + Nidra Guide, and founder of Hannah Soul Psychology
To book a personal reading: https://hannahcrerarthankyou.lpages.co/readings/

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.