2021 Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and if there were any time for a real celebration, the end of 2021 is it. 

If, like us, you’re doing a load of secret Santas, have a big family, and are planning on showing a lot of love to your besties, then a steer in the right direction is always welcome. 


We’ve been thinking about all our favourite people and what would bring a smile to their faces, particularly after a weird few months! So, whether you’re shopping for an adventurer, a beach babe, the life of the party, or the one who’s all about self-care, we’ve got you covered.

Adventurous Friend 

For the one who wants to get up and go, grabbing summer by the ovaries and to make the day their own. 

E286 Eve Summer campaign_Adventurous-1


1) Clique Fanny pack - $69

Practical but cute, a bum bag for summer goes with every casual look (and some more glam ones). Even your Eve minis will fit in here.

2) Morning Person - $59 & Morning Person Mini - $16.95

Clean energy, in a cute outfit. Morning Person is a jitter-free alternative to caffeine that has us leaping out of bed with a smile on our faces. Plus, they now also come in mini size so you can have a 5-day supply that fits in your bum bag.

3) Teva midform sandals - $119

Cute to look at, and easy to move around in. From beach to bar to park, these are the shoes for a summer outside.

4) Awwa Thong - $29

A super popular design from AWWA, this period thong combines utility and elegant design. No more granny panties or activewear VPLs this summer.

5) Garden Bunch gift box - $122

Whether you’re growing your own food or planting your own flowers, make summer fruitful with this Garden Bunch gift box from Father Rabbit. 

6) Baja Dry Bag - $70

Camping, sailing, hiking, picnicking...this is the bag that keeps everything safe and dry no matter the unpredictable weather. 

7) Maggie Marilyn track shorts - $125

All about comfort, the Maggie Marilyn organic cotton track shorts are just as cosy at home as they are for an evening on the beach at sunset.

8) Stanley Classic 1L Thermal Flask $85

A gift for life, a thermal flask keeps things icy cold or boiling hot for 24 hours. Coffee or cocktails, it’s totally up to you and whatever summer has in store. 


9) Kinto Travel Tumbler - $75

Water, but make it chic. This Kinto tumbler is perfect for beach drinks with no pesky sand sneaking in. It’s durable and can handle being thrown into a bag at a moment’s notice.

Beach Babe Friend

For the one with a permanently sandy bum and just-out-of-the-surf hair. If your pal is always in a bikini and always smells slightly of sunscreen, these are the gifts they’re going to be clutching all summer long.

E286 Eve Summer campaign2_Beach

1) Business & Pleasure cooler bag - $119

Looks cool on the outside, keeps things cool on the inside. A beach day with icy cold kombucha or beers, is there anything better?

2) Queen V - $59

Queen V is your best friend this summer. A probiotic that’s good for both vaginal and gut microbiomes, she keeps things copacetic down there. When we’re in wet togs all summer, it can create an environment that bacterial vaginosis loves. 

3) Frankie Apothecary Natural Sunscreen - $43.90

The absolute essential. This Frankie natural sunscreen is natural, soothing and gentle on the most sensitive of skin. Plus it doubles as an insect repellent!

4) Maison Margiela Beach Walk - $47

For days when getting to the beach isn’t so easy, bring the beach to you with the Beach Walk fragrance from Margiela. This scent brings laidback, easy-breezy vibes with every spritz. 

5) Terry Beach Clutch - $85

A clutch made from towelling is the perfect marriage of laid back and ‘night out'. In poppy pink, they’ll never lose it. 

6) Eve Wellness Club Dad Cap - $39

Undoubtedly our hat of the summer. The limited-edition Eve cap is playful, sunshiney, and protective. No longer just for sports, a cap like this can make the look. 

7) Zulu & Zephyr swimwear - from $80

Buying a swimsuit is as personal as anything so we won’t tell you which to get but we do recommend you look at Zulu & Zephyr. Famed for high quality, high impact togs, this is the brand.

8) Baina towel - $110 

Make a statement on the sand with this Baina towel in Paloma Sun and Ecru checkerboard. 100% organic cotton and suitable as a bath sheet or a beach towel, every part of your beach day kit will look considered and playful, just by including this incredibly cool towel.

9) Citta Beach Basket - $49

Need something to store your Queen V, SPF, bikini, and towel in? The Citta beach basket’s got you covered. With long straps, it’s super easy to wear and because it’s made from palm leaves, they’ll be taking nature with them wherever you go.


Self-Care Friend

For the pal who puts self-care at the top of the list and always knows the right meditation to bring you back to earth. These are the gifts that put mindfulness and a calm mind front and centre. 


E286 Eve Summer campaign3_Wellness-1


1) The Anti-Anxiety Notebook - $60

Designed by therapists, The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is designed to help us get a handle on what we’re feeling and be aware of helpful, and less helpful thought patterns. 


2) Chill Pills - $59 & Chill Pills Mini - $16.95

Nothing like a Chill Pill to put things into perspective. Sometimes our brains need a little helping hand to mellow out so our parasympathetic nervous system can catch up. Chill Pills are made from 100% Kava and are also available in mini size so your pal can chill wherever they are.

3) NZ-made candle - $25

Made in Paeroa, Amber Jack candles are some of our favourites. The Smoked Lavender scent is to die for. Light while reading a book or listening to some favourite tunes.

4) Modeletto Air Dry Pottery Kit - $69

Another local female-owned biz, this is for someone who’s always wanted to try pottery but maybe feels intimidated by the wheel. Mold it at home and let it air dry - no kiln required! It’s mindful to make and they’ll keep it forever.


5) Hannah Crerar Astrology & Human Design Reading - vouchers from $50

Hannah Crerar is a NZ yoga teacher and an expert in the body-mind-soul connection. A reading with Hannah will blow your mind through a stream of insightful, eye-opening lightbulb moments as she guides you through a journey of self-discovery.


6) Sans Ceuticals Luminosity Masque - $65

Who doesn’t want glowing, luminous skin? This bio-active face treatment is loaded with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and Mānuka Honey to improve skin’s texture and appearance. Luscious. 

7) Reiki Infused Body Oil - $59

A super-absorbent body oil that prioritises self-connection with every use. Use for massages, hydration, or just as a lovely ritual. Did we also mention it’s reiki infused? 


8) Sunshine Oil - $42

PetalHead Sunshine Oil is a lightweight oil designed for sun-kissed skin to protect it from the heat of summer and keep it nice and hydrated. You can also wear it at night for a gentle scent. 


9) Bala Bangles - $99

Bala Bangles are 1lb weights that add a little resistance to literally any workout, yoga, pilates, easy walks, you name it. Hello toned arms and feelings of achievement.


Life-Of-The-Party Friend  

Know someone who is up for anything and always rearing to go? These fun-time gifts make a busy life a good-time life.

E286 Eve Summer campaign4_LifeOfParty-1


1) Business & Pleasure Picnic Blanket - $119

A beach blanket is needed for long hours spent at the beach or in the park having a blast. 100% cotton, it’s fast-drying, durable and easy to take care of. Plus, you’ll always be able to spot them from afar.


2) Morning Person - $59 & Morning Person Mini - $16.95
No need for copious amounts of coffee to keep them going, Morning Person is clean, jitter-free energy that’ll have them hopping out of bed. Our Mini size is perfect for on-the-go fun.

3) Wave Bucket Hat - $119

Hats by Lack of Color are nearing cult status and this terry cloth in soft pink is wearable year-round in a hue that’s a little beacon to the life of the party.

4) Ripple Champagne Saucer Set - $100

How. Cute. Are. These. An art-deco take on the classic Parisian coupe, this is a classic stemmed glass that anyone who imbibes bubbles or cocktails needs. 

5) Napoleon Goods Chilli Bin - $199

Probably the world’s cutest chilly bin? In soft lilac, this is not your dad’s esky. It’s lightweight so is easily carried and also keeps everything inside cool for 12 hours. What’s not to love?

6) Ottolenghi Test Kitchen cookbook - $55 

For the dinner party-giver, you can’t go past the old faithful Ottolenghi. Normally known for exotic ingredients, the test kitchen is a celebration of more humble ingredients. 


7) Mr Consistent Margarita Mixer - $30

It’s not a summer party without a marg. The Mr. Consistent Margarita Mix is light on the sugar and insanely delicious. 


8) Huski Wine Cooler - $85

If we’re spending the summer outside, we need cool rosé. The Huski Wine Cooler keeps wine cool no matter which park, boat, garden they’re spending the weekend in or at. 

9) Status Anxiety Cult Bag - $179

Called the Cult Bag for a reason, this shoulder bag fits the minis, a phone, some cards, and a lip balm. Part chain, part leather it’s a little bit edgy and they’ll take it from festival to picnic to party.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique. For your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a relevant health professional.